Customised products from the Rodenstock factory

It doesn't get more individual than that: In the Rodenstock factory we manufacture lenses for special and unusual requirements.

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Optimal lenses for exceptional visual requirements.

Special lenses for hobby and job, with serious defective vision – as experts for special lenses the Rodenstock factory gladly accepts every challenge!

The right lens for your very individual requirements.

  • Every pair of eyes is unique. And many are so unique that only specially made lenses are worth considering. As in the case of extreme myopia (short-sightedness) with up to -47 diopters or severe hyperopia (long-sightedness) with up to +35 diopters. We also manufacture customised spectacle solutions for special requirements after a cataract operation or for accommodative squinting in children.

  • Good vision in professional life is indispensable for surgeons, pilots, tradesmen or proofreaders.
    We offer special lenses precisely for these customers in which the fields of vision are individually arranged: for example with the near vision range in the upper part of the lens for tradesmen who work overhead or for pilots who must be able to detect instruments in the upper area of the cockpit.

  • Visual aids of yore were not always particularly good, but they did have a particular charm. Today many people still like to immerse themselves in the era of lorgnettes, pince nez, monocles and opera glasses and want to not only look at these items, but also use them. We equip your treasures with special lenses in your prescription. That way you enjoy the aesthetics of the good old days with the visual comfort of today.

  • Glistening colourful fish and fantastic reefs: Anyone who has discovered the unique underwater world wants to see it again and again – and as clearly as possible. That's why the Rodenstock factory offers lenses for diving goggles that are simply integrated into the diving mask. Whether short or long sighted, from –10 to +10 dioptres: We offer the perfect vision solution, allowing you to experience the fascination of the sea, time and time again.

How your exact biometric lenses are made

With biometric lenses based on DNEye® technology, Rodenstock creates a paradigm shift in the calculation of lenses by precisely determining the unique shape and size of each eye and taking it into account during production.

More about B.I.G. EXACT™
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